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Full gooseberry gimlet


by CRAFTR team

Simple 1920s cocktail that's the gin equivalent of the Daiquiri

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  1. A slice of Lime
  2. 50ml Gin
  3. 50ml Lime juice
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For this simple cocktail, all you need to do is take a double shot (50ml) gin and an equal measure of lime juice or cordial (if you don't have cordial, mix up some fresh lime juice with sugar syrup).

Pour both the gin and lime juice into a shaker and shake vigorously (not only will this chill your drink; it will also dilute the alcohol and make it more palatable).

Take a chilled martini glass (simplest way to do this is to put a couple of ice cubes and some water in the glass for a few minutes), and strain the mixture into the chilled glass.

The story of Gimlet

Gimlet (pronounced with a hard 'g') is a simple cocktail, likely invented in the 1920s and traditionally only contains gin and lime juice in equal parts. Named either after a Gimlet, a tool for piercing small holes & linked to the strong effect on the drinker) or after a Surgeon Admiral Gimlette who is said to have given sailors lime juice with their daily gin to combat scurvy. Traditionalists would say to be a classic gimlet, you must use 50:50 gin and lime juice. However, we think you can switch up the ratios according to preference & also use fresh lime juice or lime cordial depending on how sweet or sour you like your drinks. The Gimlet is a highly versatile drink which you can add to as you wish (just like a daiquiri) - see one of our favourite looking ones on Instagram - a Gooseberry Gimlet - from @yvonne.mendez

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