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Wild Ram gin

by Yorkshire Dales Distillery

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Smooth and warming - this gin brings the flavour of Yorkshire by being vapour infused through selected Yorkshire berries and heather flowers

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700ml - 40.0%


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The story

Bringing the spirit and flavour of Yorkshire to gin, Wild Ram perfectly encapsulates the Yorkshire Dales. Infused through Yorkshire berries and heather flowers, it has a unique taste that's delicately balanced and the heather compliments the juniper

The team at the Yorkshire Dales Distillery have provided these tasting notes:

Notes: Soft tones of red fruit which blend perfectly with inviting juniper. Gentle and rounded. Aromatic sweetness moves into fragrant citrus.

Palate: A burst of pink flavour. Balanced, savoury redcurrant and blackcurrant sit nicely in a backdrop of juniper. Light, smooth texture rolls into plum, cranberry and hemp. A touch of pine.

Finish: Tart redcurrant seed mellows into warm softness of strawberry cheesecake. Leaves wanting more


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