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Twelve Keys gin

by Sartorial Spirits

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Fig, quince and honey balanced by delicate spices make for a smooth and flavourful gin

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700ml - 46.0%


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The story

Twelve Keys takes its name from the works of 16th century alchemist, Basil Valentine. Each chapter of his text, The Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine, represents a step of the process to create the philosopher's stone.


When it comes to gin, the 'keys' are composed of the twelve botanicals that combine to make Twelve Keys gin. 

Rich honey from their wildflower meadow combines with fig, caramelised quince, juniper, basil and apricot to form the base flavours of the London dry gin.


On top of this sit the spices, bringing earthy tones and delicate notes. Interestingly, there are no citrus flavours in this gin, giving it a great flavour profile, ideal for a less sweet palette.


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