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Smokey Ram vodka

by Yorkshire Dales Distillery

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700ml - 40.0%

We think

Lightly smoked and peppery, this smooth but flavourful vodka will hopefully change use and perceptions of vodka


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This is a super smooth vodka, quadruple distilled on site using Ancient mineral water from Swaledale. It's called the Smokey Ram as it's been vapour infused through Yorkshire hay-smoked black peppercorns, which brings it a light smokey nose and a peppery sweet palate, and a dry finish.

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The team at the Yorkshire Dales Distillery have provided these tasting notes:

Nose: Sweet rye flavours backed up with a bold earthy grass note. Pepper and light grain. A hint of icing sugar.

Palate: Light and gentle. White pepper up front, with perfect balance of subtle sweetness. Medium body. Fragrant, with a hint of aniseed and minerals.

Finish: Calm and delicate, with a pleasing dryness of grain.

Full smokey ram gin

The distillery

Yorkshire dales logo

Yorkshire Dales Distillery

Colburn, Yorkshire Dales

Family run craft distillery on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales

The people

Tony and Sarah have a passion for all things craft spirit born of a longstanding family love of the industry. They set up the Yorkshire Dales Distillery in a small village on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, near the home they have lived in for most of Tony's army career.

The distillery, which was founded in April 2016, is a true family business, and Tony and Sarah are proud to offer employment opportunities and training for veterans, ex-offenders, young people and the long term unemployed. 

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The products

Tony and Sarah have developed four distinctive products: three gins, and one vodka. Their signature spirit, 'Purple Ram' London Dry gin, is quadruple distilled and vapour infused with Yorkshire botanicals. 'Desert Ram' - army strength at 50% ABV! - is enlivened by distinctive flavours from North Africa, while 'Yorkshire Berry' London Dry, the most mellow of the three, is infused with classic Yorkshire berries and heather flowers.

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