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Rosemullion Gold Rum

by Rosemullion Distillery

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Craftr says:

Beautiful, light gold rum from South Cornwall, aged in charred American white oak to make it a perfect light, sipping rum.

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700ml - 43.0%


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About Rosemullion Gold Rum

The gold rum from Rosemullion Distillery is a great example of the growth of the craft spirit movement. Having made their own base spirit using Cornish rainwater, the two former industrial chemists, Andy and Liz Bradbury, have combined their understanding of scientific process with a passion for artisan spirits to create a delightful rum.

The recipe uses molasses on location and then ages for a short while in charred American white oak barrels. The aromas are of vanilla, with a light peaty flavour owing to its short aging. Try with just a cube of ice, or explore our rum recipes for other options.

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The makers: Rosemullion Distillery

Cornwall, England

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Established in 2018 in the rural Cornish countryside, Rosemullion Distillery takes a true artisan approach to spirits. The founders ferment their own base spirit using Cornish rainwater. Combining this with local fruits and botanicals, they have built up a range of beautiful British spirits including gins and rum.

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