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Griffiths Brothers original gin

by Griffiths Brothers

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700ml - 43.5%

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Original small batch, cold-distilled Buckinghamshire gin


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Combining cutting-edge distiling techniques with handmade, small-batch spirits, Griffiths Brothers original gin is clean and smooth that they say is the ideal balance betweeen decipherable character and classy subtlety. It has cold-distilled in a rotary evaporator called Roberta, in an old factory in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

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It features 13 botanicals from angelica to grains of paradise, from bayberries to orris root. When tasted neat, the flavour is citrusy with hints of orange blossom and elderflower that then develops into greener earthy notes, from the bay laural and licorice root. Best enjoyed chilled at lower than 8 degrees (the label on the bottle helpfully changes colour when it's cool enough) and enjoyed over ice or with tonic, garnished with orange peel and a fresh bay leaf. 

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The distillery

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Griffiths Brothers

Penn St, Buckinghamshire

Cold-distilled family-run Buckinghamshire distillery

The people

Griffiths Brothers gin started out as a challenge between two brothers to see if they could create a gin from scratch that would impress family and friends. It soon became an obsession for them and they not only planned on impressing their friends but creating the best gin around

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The products

Their idea was blending modern distilling techniques with small-batch production whilst using the freshest botanicals. They have created two gins: no.1 and no.2 which are cold stilled (with each botanical being macerated individually to draw out its essential oils). Their gin is best enjoyed cold (and if you check the logo on the back - it appears clear at room temp. but blue when refrigerated below 8°C

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