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Elderflower + Vodka

by Anno Distillers

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Craftr says:

Andy and Norman have managed to balance the crispness of vodka with the sweetness of elderflower. You can tell that they've used the precision techniques that they honed as industrial chemists.

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700ml - 29.0%


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About Elderflower + Vodka

Anno's Elderflower + Vodka has seen vodka vapour-infused with the freshest Kentish elderflower. Using a secret mixture of botanicals in their still 'Patience', Anno have created a fresh and floral spirit drink with a long-lasting flavour.

Perfect to be drunk neat with ice, topped up with Prosecco or in an Elderflower Appletini.

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The makers: Anno Distillers

Marden, Kent

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Kent's first distillery in 200 years blending science and nature

Andy and Norman have always had a passion for craft spirits. In 2011, they decided to put that passion to use, and founded Anno, the first distillery in Kent (their home county) in over 200 years. As scientists (they've been in the industry their whole professional lives!) they understand that making the best spirits isn't luck; it's about precision, and having a practical understanding of the equipment capabilities.

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