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Duck and Crutch gin

by Duck and Crutch distillery

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700ml - 45.0%

We think

A beautifully bottled, vibrantly flavoured London gin distilled in a shed, with heaps of personality provided by founders George and Hollie.


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'Hand-grafted' and individually distilled, bottled & labelled in George and Hollie's 6ft by 4ft shed in Kensington, this beautiful gin exemplifies a lot of what is great about craft spirits: entrepreneurial and vibrant founders, with a passion for the product and a flair for flavours.

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This Kensington Dry gin has base flavours of juniper berry, coriander seed, angelica root, cassia bark and walnut, layered with notes of Darjeeling tea, bourbon vanilla pod and fresh thyme.

Serve a double measure with tonic, ice and a sprig of thyme. But for something special & to match the flavours of the Darjeeling tea, Hollie and George have even created special garnish tea bags to be served with your G&T - you'll certainly turn some heads next time you serve a G&T with a teabag on the side!

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The distillery

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Duck and Crutch distillery

Kensington, London

From a 6ft by 4ft shed in Kensington, this boyfriend & girlfriend team have hand-crafted a spirit of exceptional quality

The people

Hollie and George, a boyfriend & girlfriend team, have a shed, a still and a knack for making delicious and beautiful gin. They make small batch productions of Duck and Crutch gin by hand - and we mean everything by hand. Even the water for their trusty still, 'Agnes', has to be transported to the shed! They're located in Kensington, London and producing fine gin in the middle of their garden!

The people
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The products

Duck and Crutch is new to the market and has already been featured in GQ. It's a real hit around the Kensington markets with its unique Darjeeling flavours. They say 'It combines the grandeur and gravitas of an old-fashioned gin with the playful lightness of a modern one', something you can definitely see in the design of the bottle (which will certainly make an addition to any gin collection)

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