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Desert Ram Gin

by Yorkshire Dales Distillery

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Inspired by North Africa & the Middle East, this gin packs a punch at an ABV of 50%

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700ml - 50.0%


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Taking its inspiration from abroad, this Army Strength gin packs a punch. At 50% ABV, it's stronger than a usual gin and packed full of North African and Middle Eastern botanicals. The cousin of the purple ram, it offers a minty juniper flavour alongside warm oranges and some hints of strawberry.

Sarah and Tony spent many years in North Yorkshire where Tony served in the Army, afterwards deciding to settle on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales distillery & set up the Yorkshire Dales distillery.

Inspired by the family's connection the army, this gin is close to home and linked to 'A journey that many have taken from the lush fields of the former Yugoslavia, through the timeless citrus groves of the Mediterranean islands, the bustling markets of North Africa and the Middle East to the dry dusty plains and stark mountains of Central Asia – forever threatening, forever alluring, forever serving' 


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