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Dartmouth Gin

by Dartmouth Distillery Co.

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Craftr says:

A modern example of a classic, dry gin, Dartmouth gin burst onto the scene 18 months ago - and has been scooping up industry awards left, right and centre ever since.

Having made a name for themselves making fine English wine, Lance and Caroline turned their attention to the spirit that was Lance’s drink of choice during his time in the RAF. They sourced a beautiful still from Germany, local water from their estate and botanicals from around the world. The resulting flavour of Dartmouth gin is relatively complex, with botanicals ranging from aromatic cubeb berries to Scotch pine. The overriding sense is that of a well-made classic – smooth and full-flavoured.

Ideal for a G&T. No messing.

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700ml - 45.0%


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About Dartmouth gin

Made using Dartmouth Distillery Co's beautiful 230L German still, their flagship gin is made in small batches, using the London Dry single shot distillation process. Botanicals Ed a good range for a dry gin. In production, one set of botanicals sit in the pot, with the remainder in the vapour chamber, giving layers of flavour to the end product.

The result is a classic flavour, with light layers of complexity. Despite being 45%, it can happily be drunk straight, owing to its real smoothness, and can also form the base of a great cocktail, from a simple G&T to something more complex that you could find in our recipe suggestions!

Full dartmouth by the sea

The makers: Dartmouth Distillery Co.

Dartmouth, England

Local water, a German still and botanicals from around the world, brought together in Dartmouth

Lance's taste for gin developed many years ago, when it was the drink of choice during his time in the RAF. Many years later, with the experience of having made wine from self-planted vineyards, he and his wife Caroline turned their attention to creating a fine gin.

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