Chimes English Extra Dry Vermouth

by The Surrey Copper distillery

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Craftr says:

Made using English Sauvignon Blanc and enriched with a distilled spirit infusion featuring 12 botanicals, this is a lovely vermouth designed to be sipped over ice. None too shabby in a martini either.

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70ml - 15.0%


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Alongside Surrey Copper Distillery's 2 beautiful gins, sits their all-English vermouth. Husband and wife duo, Dr. Chris and Prof. Katherine Smart experimented with various grape varieties before settling on a Sauvignon Blanc from Surrey.

The vermouth is a combination of this fine wine and a distilled spirit infusion, combining subtle citrus flavours with rosemary, sage, ginger and spices. Enjoy with Copperfield gin in a martini, or see the recipes below for more inspiration.

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