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Broken Clock Vodka

by Broken Clock distillery

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Delightfully smooth with a lingering taste

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700ml - 40.0%


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About Broken Clock vodka

Taking 3 years and 3 different master distillers to move from inception to product, Broken Clock lives up to its name.

In that time, Alexander (the founder, and descendant of the maker of the first astronomical clock) discovered a recipe that combined a great base spirit with long, lingering flavours, including apples from the orchard at the house where he first had the idea.

The flavours stay long on the palette, making it ideal for smooth cocktails.

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The makers: Broken Clock distillery

North Yorkshire, England

The founder of Broken Clock, Alexander, spent 3 years iterating and perfecting his product before making it available. Since first being inspired by the gardens at Shandy Hall in Coxwold, Yorkshire, he worked with 3 different master distillers until the final recipe, which uses apples from the orchard at the house in which he first conceived the idea, emerged.

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