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Blue Slate Gin

by Dinorwig

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What does 'using only local botanicals' mean when you're located on a mountainside in rural Wales? Well, when was the last time you saw lemons growing naturally in Snowdonia? Instead, there's rhubarb softened with heather honey and sharpened using coriander seeds. The palate is of rich, local flavours and the purest water from Dinorwig's own mountain well, which gives an Earthy, herbal hit. Fantastic with a plain tonic, or see our 'Blue Slate Gin three ways' article for more inspiration.

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About Blue Slate Gin

Made in the London Dry way, Blue Slate Gin has a herbal flavour profile that sets it apart from a lot of other gins around. On the palate, Blue Slate Gin is rich with spicy pine leading to an elderflower heart and a long oak and heather-honey finish.

Jess and Lew spent many hours exploring the flavour profile of juniper and then painstakingly distilling other native botanicals. Eventually, they found the combination that reflected the essential components of a great London Dry gin, while also also capturing some of the essence of the local Dinorwig flora.

There's no lemon or lime in here, but instead, you'll get that refreshing citrus profile through a combination of local coriander seed and rhubarb. Yes, rhubarb - softened in local heather honey. It's a left-field combination, but it really works to give Dinorwig's gin a distinctive taste.

Full blue slate gin holding in hand

The makers: Dinorwig

Snowdonia, Wales

Nestled beneath the slate quarries of Dinorwig, Snowdonia, Jess and Lew perfected their first spirit, Blue Slate Gin - or 'Jin Llechen Las' in Welsh. The gin uses only plants and botanicals that can be grown on the hillsides of Northern Wales and the recipe was perfected over a number of months back in 2016 and 2017 to truly reflect the spirit of Snowdonia.

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