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Anno Kent Dry gin

by Anno Distillers

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700ml - 43.0%

We think

A truly Kentish gin, balancing crisp, salty samphire with aromatic hops and lavender.


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Anno's flagship multi-award winning gin. It's full of local botanicals, which invoke the idyllic Kent countryside. The wildness of samphire is juxtaposed here with a mellow floral flavour, and just a hint of heady lavender. The result is a smooth, dry gin - with a punchy Kentish kick.

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Kent is sometimes known as the "Garden of England" for its abundance of orchards and hop gardens. It also has a spectacularly wild coastline, which has fired the imaginations of authors and artists through the centuries. By balancing aromatic hops with the crisp saltiness of sea-loving samphire, the Anno distillers have created here a gin which perfectly encapsulates what Kent is all about.

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The distillery

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Anno Distillers

Marden, Kent

Kent's first distillery in 200 years blending science and nature

The people

Andy and Norman have always had a passion for craft spirits. In 2011, they decided to put that passion to use, and founded Anno, the first distillery in Kent (their home county) in over 200 years. As scientists (they've been in the industry their whole professional lives!) they understand that making the best spirits isn't luck; it's about precision, and having a practical understanding of the equipment capabilities.

Anno founders andy norman
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The products

Andy and Norman's journey hasn't been an easy one. They had to wait 18-months for a license, which for entrepreneurs brimming with enthusiasm, must have seemed like a lifetime. But the wait paid off. Their still, aptly named "Patience", now creates a range of delicious gins and vodkas bursting with all sorts of exciting Kent flavours. At the moment, they make five different spirits, ranging from dry to fruity to spicy. The Anno Kent Dry - flavoured with Kentish botanicals such as hops, samphire and local florals, has won multiple awards and is now considered their flagship. But the Anno 60^2 - 60% ABV - doesn't go down too badly either!

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