Ak's Gin

by Arbikie distillery

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Craftr says:

Distilled using honey and wheat from Arbikie, and beautifully flavoured using botanicals including Black Pepper, Mace and Cardamom, this is a delicious gin with serious flavour

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700ml - 43.0%


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Distilled using honey and wheat farmed on the Arbikie estate, AK's gin has been masterful balanced by Arbikie's master distiller, Kirsty Black, who has blended together the flavours of wheat and honey with black pepper, mace and cardamom to give this a truly unique flavour. This gin won World's Best Martini in 2018 for an impressive drink made by Francesco Petracci from The Gibson in London, which combined AK's gin with sea herbs vermouth, smoked liquid and lemon zest.

Arbikie operates truly as a field-to-bottle single estate growing the potatoes, cooking, distilling, flavouring and bottling all on the Arbikie Estate in the Scottish Highlands. They suggest the perfect serve for AK's gin is to mix with ginger ale and a slice of lime. It brings out the honey notes and is a great alternative for those who don't like tonic.


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