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from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

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The first thing that strikes you about the 3 distilled gins from Twisting Spirits is the beautiful, vibrant bottles. Is that shallow? Maybe, but let's come back to it later, because, fortunately, what's inside the bottle backs up the brand. The 'twisting' refers to the process that Richard has devised to capture the best of the range of botanicals that make up each expression. Some botanicals are best when heated in a typical hot distillation process (juniper, for example), while others are better off cold distilled. At Twisting Spirits, they do both. And then 'twist' them together. Clever. The flavour profile that is the result of this is then visually captured on the bottle. Each band represents a botanical, and the size of it represents the potency on the palate. As a bonus, it basically looks like full-blown art too.

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The distillers

Richard and Mary started up experimenting with cold distillation in their garage in Oxfordshire. Fast-forward 2 years, and Twisting Spirits is a fine example of what micro-distilleries can offer. Now based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, Richard takes the lead on distilling, while Mary heads up the bottling, marketing and even distribution. When you order on Craftr, it'll be Mary who's off to the post office to proudly send you a bottle of their expertly made gin.

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Recipes by Twisting Spirits

Twisted Paloma

by Twisting Spirits

Twisting Spirits' twist on the Mexican Paloma

Twisted Cup

by Twisting Spirits

Twisting Spirits' twist on the Gordons Cup

Bees teas

by Twisting Spirits

A bees knees with a twist of Earl Grey

English 75

by Twisting Spirits

English gin topped up with English sparkling wine

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