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The Surrey Copper distillery

from Surrey, England

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In the heart of Surrey, the husband and wife team of Dr. Chris and Prof. Katherine Smart have used their impeccable distilling pedigree to bring back the traditional art of gin distillation. Their range of 2 gins and a delightful vermouth owe credit to both their distilling credentials and the 18th century distilling books from which the recipes take their inspiration.

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The distillers

The Surrey Copper Distillery is all about the people behind it. One half of the pair has a PhD in biochemistry, is a qualified distiller and previously provided consultancy services to distillers and breweries. The other half has a doctorate in Brewing and Distilling, has worked at both Oxford and Cambridge universities and was previously global head brewer at a multinational beverage maker. With such incredible credentials, these two have turned their distilling brains to traditional recipes and craftsmanship, creating a range of superb spirits. It wasn't ever going to be anything but delicious.

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Recipes by The Surrey Copper distillery

Five Farthings Martini

by The Surrey Copper Distillery

A simple and delicious martini using the best of Surrey Copper Distillery's fine produce

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