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The Cornish Gin Distillery

St. Columb, Cornwall

Handcrafted, small batch gin distillery - distilled and bottled in Cornwall.

The people

Elemental Cornish Gin is a family company based in Cornwall, masterminded by Jon and Jilly with the help of their two eldest children Alice and Jeremy.

Having seen the micro-distilleries in London, they began researching gin over two years ago and decided that Cornwall deserved its own high quality premium gin.

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The products

Alice and Jeremy use the more traditional and expensive 'one shot' method of making gin rather than using a concentrate as many commercial gins do. After distillation it is so good they don’t need to add anything except the finest Cornish spring water to create a unique, complex and well balanced flavour.

The family's aim with Elemental Cornish Gin was to create an artisan Cornish gin. With a focus on using the finest distillation process and outstanding botanicals, the quality of the gin is assured.

Full still

The name 'Elemental' represents the dependency of gin production on the alchemical elements of copper and water, both of which are also strong symbols of Cornwall. The logo incorporates these traditional alchemy symbols, celebrating the heritage of both gin distillation and Cornwall’s industrial past.

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