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Spirit of the Lakes

Keswick, Cumbria

From Keswick in mountainous Cumbria, this aptly-named distillery aims to capture the 'Spirit of the Lakes'

The people

In 2008, before the gin craze was in full swing, Vince Wilkins realised there were no spirits with a connection to the Lake District. With prior experience in the alcohol industry, Vince partnered with outside experts to create the initial Bedrock Gin.

Bedrock people
Bedrock range

The products

The original Bedrock gin has gained a brother in the Export strength version - a winner of multiple awards.

Partnering with Alcohols ltd. to conduct the distillation process, the Spirit of the Lakes was one of the early movers in the resurrection of gin. The third party approach means Vince and his team focus on the selection of the botanicals and the blending when the spirit arrives up North.

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