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Nelson's Gin

Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

Award-winning gin distillery and school

The people

Having worked as a chef for many years, Neil Harrison, founder of Nelson's gin had a vision and the palate to create a truly exception gin. He spent two years researching and trialling the best combinations of botanical ingredients, mixing up 7 different batches before mastering the final secret recipe in what is now called Nelson's Gin no. 7

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The products

Nelson's gin have launched three gins: the no. 7 original Nelson's gin, a rhubarb and custard gin, and a Navy strength gin. For over 200 years, no ship of the Royal Navy left port without a load of Navy Strength gin (named so because it had to contain sufficient alcohol that if it were to be spilt onto gunpowder, it would still light). As such, Nelson's gin is named after England's greatest naval hero, Admiral Lord Nelson, as well as paying homage to the grandfather of its founder, Nelson Harrison.

Nelson's Gin Distillery and School is the brainchild of Neil Harrison, who set out, following years working as a chef, to create a truly unique gin and drinking experience. Experimenting in a local gin school, he finally mixed up the secret recipe for the original gin after 7 attempts (hence why it's called original no. 7). After finding the perfect recipe, he set up the distillery on the Derbyshire and Staffordshire borders (making it the only gin to be made in the area).

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Whilst it's made in small batches in rural England, the distillery is state of the art on a self-contained site where clean energy is combined with advanced technology to support the natural processes which result in a very special gin. They start with the water which is filtered through a reed bed (which acts as a natural filtration system) before being put through a state-of-the-art resin filtering system where it is scanned and tested before being used. After the water is ready, botanicals from around the globe (think kaffir lime leaves from Thailand, vanilla from Madagascar, and cinnamon from Sri Lanka) are infused to create a clean fresh taste and aroma which is at the same time deeply complex.

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Not only do they distill some fine gins on site but Neil and team have also set up Nelson's Gin School, which is a learning, teaching and tasting academy for gin lovers. You can book for their one day Gin School Experience where you will end up creating a unique, signature spirit that you can take home with you. They encourage you to collect botanicals on your travels so that you can truly distil the memory of adventure into a gin that will reflect your tastes!

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