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Manchester gin

Manchester, England

Premium gin crafted by Mancunian worker bees

The people

It all started with a G&T. When Seb offered to buy Jen a drink at a bar in Manchester and she asked for a G&T, they could have had no idea that a few years later they would be founding a gin company together. With a clear passion for 2 things: their home city of Manchester and gin, perhaps it was inevitable.

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The products

Manchester gin make 4 premium gins, developed to offer something different. The core of the range is the signature, to whom 'Overboard' (at 57%) is the big brother. For those with a more savoury palette, Wild Spirit replaces the citrus and sweetness with a herbal mix. Finally, for the summer months, there's the raspberry infused pink gin.

Seb and Jen are proud to offer gins that embody the spirit of Manchester - a city with industrial heritage and a famously strong work effort. During the industrial revolution, the workers that lined the factories were affectionately termed "worker bees", and the city has adopted this as a motif since then.

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Throughout Manchester, you can spot the bee symbol cropping up all over the place - on bins, lampposts, bollards and, for the eagle-eyed, on the bottom of any Manchester Gin bottle.

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The work ethic has paid off for Manchester Gin, with multiple awards for their signature spirit, and no doubt plenty more to come.