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Aviemore, Scotland

The home of hand-crafted Highland spirits

The people

One of Scotland's newest micro-distilleries set up by Stuart McMillan and nestled amongst the 12,000 acres of the Cairngorm National Park. Inspired by the centuries old Cairngorm estate founded by Lady Gordon, known as the 'Empress of Fashion', who was born during the notorious gin craze of the 18th century and held lavish parties on the estate 

Kinrara distillery landscape
Kinrara distillery gin waterfall

The products

Kinrara have just launched their gin, which uses flora and berries which have been foraged from the estate and is handcrafted in small batches by the team in the highlands. As they grow, they have big plans to develop a single craft whisky and Scottish rums

Kinrara's highland distillery is nestled in 12,000 acres of the Cairngorm National Park. As one of Scotland's newest micro-distilleries, they make highland dry gins and liqueurs infused with local flora and berries and have plans to launch a whisky and rums. All their spirits are lovingly handcrafted in small batches using local products

Full kinrara distillery gin scotland

Their gin is distilled in a 100 litre still, which is direct-fired, paying homage to the origins of distillation by the Moors in the 12th century. It's a juniper-led dry gin, combining both foraged and locally sourced botanicals including rosehips and rowan berries that have been gathered from the estate throughout the year

Full kinrara distillery gin whisky building

Their plans for hand-crafted Highland whisky's are going to take a few years but they're planning to launch their own signature single malt, distilled and matured on the estate. While they’re (and we're) waiting, they promise us they've got a few tricks up their sleeve (including a blended malt launching in the not too distant future - we hope!)