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Griffiths Brothers

Penn St, Buckinghamshire

Cold-distilled family-run Buckinghamshire distillery

The people

Griffiths Brothers gin started out as a challenge between two brothers to see if they could create a gin from scratch that would impress family and friends. It soon became an obsession for them and they not only planned on impressing their friends but creating the best gin around

Griffiths brothers people
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The products

Their idea was blending modern distilling techniques with small-batch production whilst using the freshest botanicals. They have created two gins: no.1 and no.2 which are cold stilled (with each botanical being macerated individually to draw out its essential oils). Their gin is best enjoyed cold (and if you check the logo on the back - it appears clear at room temp. but blue when refrigerated below 8°C

When two brothers challenged each other to create a gin that could impress their friends and family, the Griffiths Brothers distillery was born. Located in the Buckinghamshire village of Penn Street, deep in the Chiltern Hills, creating the best gin around soon became their obsession. They started looking for a proper home for their still and set up in an old 1930s aircraft factory as Buckinghamshire's first micro-distillery

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The idea behind Griffiths Brothers is to blend modern, cutting-edge distilling techniques with hand-made, small-batch spirits. To do this, they use a process of cold distillation where each botanical is individually distilled with 100% organic wheat spirit in two 'rotary evaporators' called Roberta and Aretha. This vapour is then condensed at -8c and set aside to let the flavour mellow. Once it has rested, the team combine the different botanicals together to produce the finished gin 

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They've created 2 gins: the original and no. 2. The original gin is multi-award winning, clean and smooth with flavours of citrus flavours of orange blossom and elderflower offset by earthy bay laurel and liquorice root. Their No. 2 is a warming export strength gin full of flavour with notes ranging from grapefruit to vanilla