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Duck and Crutch distillery

Kensington, London

From a 6ft by 4ft shed in Kensington, this boyfriend & girlfriend team have hand-crafted a spirit of exceptional quality

The people

Hollie and George, a boyfriend & girlfriend team, have a shed, a still and a knack for making delicious and beautiful gin. They make small batch productions of Duck and Crutch gin by hand - and we mean everything by hand. Even the water for their trusty still, 'Agnes', has to be transported to the shed! They're located in Kensington, London and producing fine gin in the middle of their garden!

The people
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The products

Duck and Crutch is new to the market and has already been featured in GQ. It's a real hit around the Kensington markets with its unique Darjeeling flavours. They say 'It combines the grandeur and gravitas of an old-fashioned gin with the playful lightness of a modern one', something you can definitely see in the design of the bottle (which will certainly make an addition to any gin collection)

Hollie and George, the team behind Duck & Crutch are hard at work making bottles of their gin in the 6ft x 4ft shed in the heart of Kensington, London. It's uniquely designed bottle was created by co-founder, Hollie, who drew everything on the bottle label completely by hand. The look and feel speaks to Kensington formality - with a couple of quirky hidden secrets! Everything is manual at Duck & Crutch so there's no fancy automation - even water is carried by hand into the shed by the bucket load!

Full the still

Their copper still, 'Agnes', sits at the heart of the shed-come-distillery. Agnes lends warmth to the flavour and a liveliness to the botanicals. The resulting gin is pretty unique with strong flavours of Darjeeling tea, vanilla, walnut and fresh thyme. They even suggest serving it with either a special garnish tea bag that they've designed, or a few sprigs of fresh thyme.

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