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Snowdonia, Wales

Nestled beneath the slate quarries of Dinorwig, Snowdonia, we are busy perfecting our first spirit, Blue Slate Gin, in Welsh, Jin Llechen Las. We're developing an artisan gin using only plants and botanicals that can be grown on the hillsides of Northern Wales and over the past few months, we've been perfecting our recipe so that it truly reflects the spirit of Snowdonia.

The people

Jess and her husband & business partner, Lew, established the Dinorwig Distillery in October 2016 at their home on a windy Welsh hillside in Dinorwig (land of mountains, heather, sheep and slate!). After a mid-life career change, we decided to do something quite different in nature. We hope you love our story and our gin!

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The products

Our products are inspired by the landscape and culture past and present of the area. The aim is to make gin in the first instance focusing on local grown botanicals and supporting causes related to gin botanicals and conservation. Sales from our first gin, Blue Slate Gin, Jin Llechen Las in Welsh, will make a contribution to the work of Plantlife in juniper conservation and regeneration in the UK. We launched our signature gin, the Blue Slate Gin (Jin Llechen Las), in 2017, and have now launched our first seasonal gin (Jin Tymhorol), which is distilled with heather honey, purple sage and lavender leaf

On the hillsides of Northern Wales, we founded the Dinorwig distillery at our family home. We've only been going since 2016 but have recently renovated an old building in the garden to be our dedicated distillery, and have now launched not just one but two gins, using only botanicals that grow in our garden.

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As Blue Slate Gin, or Jin Llechen Las in Welsh, is only made with botanicals and plants that can be grown in the hills of Snowdonia, it has a unique flavour that is unmatched by any other craft gin. Many gins use lots of citrus fruit in their recipes but we struggle to grow Sicilian lemons in North Wales. Our gin has a unique, more earthy flavour with stronger hints of juniper and is a unique experience for any gin lover.

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We're dedicated to only using locally sourced plants and botanicals to flavour our gin. Many of which have been taken from the garden that my mother has tended for many years. Whilst researching botanicals to go into our gin, we realised that juniper had significantly declined in the UK and we wouldn't be able to source enough locally, currently relying on imported juniper from the Balkans or Italy, so we've partenered with PlantLife, the wild plant conversation charity, to help replenish junipers stock in the UK by donating £1 from every bottle sale.

“Sustainability and authenticity are core to our band values and it's our hope that one day, our grandchildren will have the opportunity to pick juniper berries to make gin, just as generations did before us.”

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Dinorwig's products