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Crafty Distillery

from Galloway, Scotland

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Just across the border in the West of Scotland, the folk at Crafty Distillery have been busy making gin the proper way. Using local grain, they make their own base spirit - "it's a bit of a faff, but if it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly". Distilled with a mix of traditional, locally foraged botanicals and those with a more worldly heritage, every part of the process is cared for to create quality through true craft.

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The distillers

Founded by Graham Taylor, Crafty Distillery is a purpose built distillery launched in 2017. The business was set up with a clear mission - to "create tasty, honest spirits for everyone who likes a tipple".

Everything they do is driven by innovation, taste and integrity of process. If it doesn’t fit that mould they don’t do it. Their flagship product, Hills & Harbour Gin, was developed over the space 14 months by Craig Rankin. They not only goes the extra step producing their own base spirit, but great care to dial in true smoothness and vibrancy of flavour.

As if this weren't enough, in their quest for perfection, they shipped their final three recipes to hundreds of the general public for feedback. They had a big hand in developing and helping shape the final body and balance. Distilled at Crafty Distillery but developed with the people, for the people!


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Recipes by Crafty Distillery

The Galloway Forager

by Crafty Distillery

Local, Scottish flavours mixed with Hills & Harbour

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