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Cooper King Distillery

from Sutton-on-the-Forest, North Yorkshire

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Located in the Yorkshire Wolds but inspired by Tasmania, Abbie and Chris at the Cooper King Distillery are building one of the only self-built distilleries in the UK that will make both gin and whisky, using ingredients grown on the Wolds and powered by green energy, harnessing nature around them

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The distillers

Founded by Abbie, a scientist, and Chris, an architect, Cooper King was founded after an attempt to flee the rat race led the couple to Tasmania, where they fell in love with the small craft whisky distilling scene. The distillery is named after Chris's great-great-grandfather, who helped fund Ripon Cathedral and who managed to trace back the family's Yorkshire roots all the way back to 1030

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Products from Cooper King Distillery

Cooper King Distillery doesn't have any products to sell yet, but are hard at work getting their first one ready!

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