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Brindle Distillery

Brindle, Lancashire

Lancashire based distillery inspired by a local legend

The people

One day in 2016, The Singleton family decided to create their own distillery, using the farm that has been home to their family for decades. Using wheat and barley grown on the farm and water from their spring, 15 months later the Brindle Distillery was born and they've been developing a grain-to-class spirits that involve the whole family ever since

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The products

Named after a local legend of the Brindle Cuckoo, the Brindle Distillery has created 2 gins: Cuckoo Gin and Cuckoo Spiced. Cuckoo gin is infused with sustainably and ethically sourced botanicals (inc. oats, almonds chamomile) whilst the Cuckoo spiced gin is warming with hints of clove, spicy Tellicherry black pepper and tonka beans

Inspired by the legend of ‘The Brindle Cuckoo’, Cuckoo gin is fully grain-to-glass using distilled with fresh water from our spring, and ingredients that are locally sourced and grown at Holmes Farm (the home of Brindle Distillery). The legend began in the Middle Ages when it was a belief that on hearing the first call of the cuckoo, Spring would start and good weather would ensue. Local legend has it that one spring morning on hearing the cuckoo's call, villagers of Brindle set out to capture the Cuckoo but were foiled by the cuckoo who escaped. 

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Nestled in the village of Brindle in rural Lancashire, the Singleton family at the Brindle Distillery have been making grain-to-glass spirits that are locally sourced and grown in the fields that surround. Sustainability here is key with local sourcing of raw materials, natural fresh water from their spring, and ethically sourced botanicals.Their still, Maggie, is even powered by renewable energy biomass boilers that use waste from the farm, and the byproducts from distilling are fed to the cattle.

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Housed in a renovated barn, the team and their still, Maggie, named after a Great Auntie Margaret, are committed to developing small batch gins, involving hands-on production at every stage of the distillation. There's even the Cuckoo's nest, a bar which opened in 2018 at the distillery, where you can enjoy a G&T with the team

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