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Inspired by their farming heritage and a surplus of potatoes and wheat, the 3 brothers who founded Arbikie set out with the ambition to turn their farming nouse to the production of the highest-quality spirits. At Arbikie, crop is king - they painstakingly plant, sow, tend and harvest the fields that are then distilled and produced into gins, vodkas and whiskies.

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Located on the east coast of Scotland, with the sea and the salt to the east and the farm and fields to the west, the team at Arbikie have been farming this land for 7 generations, meticulously planting and harvesting the land since 1660 until 3 brothers decided to turn their hands to a new trade. Launching Arbikie in 2014, they developed one of the finest distilleries in Scotland focused on field-to-bottle distilling meaning that most of what goes into the bottle is sourced from the land they farm - even the water comes from the Angus hills surrounding the farm that slowly filters pure water into their underground lagoon.


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