Free Delivery

Craftr deliveries

1. How much does delivery cost?

Deliveries are free, no matter how many bottles, even when they come from different distilleries.

  • If you order 1 bottle, delivery is FREE
  • If you order 2 bottles, delivery is FREE
  • If you order 3 bottles... you get the idea

2. Where do my deliveries come from?

Every bottle is shipped straight from the distillery. If you order from multiple different distilleries, you'll receive multiple parcels.

We aim to give more money back to distilleries than any other online or offline retailer, and setting up this way helps us keep costs down.

So when you order with Craftr, you know you're supporting independent businesses.

3. How long do deliveries take?

Deliveries take 3-5 working days. The distilleries we work with are not always major operations - sometimes even just 1-2 people. So, allow 1 day for them to get your parcel ready and get it shipped, and then it's posted to you using Royal Mail 2nd class, which takes 2-4 days.

4. Can I track my order?

If your order has been marked as shipped, then it's with Royal Mail and on its way to you. You can't track your order, but have faith that it's inbound!

5. What about returns?

You can read our returns policy here