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Oxalis Collins

by CRAFTR team

A twist on a classic Tom Collins


by CRAFTR team

Simple 1920s cocktail that's the gin equivalent of the Daiquiri

Chukka Cocktail

by CRAFTR team

Summertime alternative to Pimm's

The Bees Knees

by CRAFTR team

Prohibition-era cocktail, perfect for early summer

The Great Dictator

by CRAFTR team

#LCW18 by Demon and Wise

The Mint Fizz

by CRAFTR team

#LCW18 by Hotel Café Royal

The Galloway Forager

by CRAFTR team

Local, Scottish flavours mixed with Hills & Harbour

Five Farthings Martini

by CRAFTR team

A simple and delicious martini using the best of Surrey Copper Distillery's fine produce

Rosemullion Breakfast Martini

by CRAFTR team

Marmalade, Grand Marnier and Lemon. Oh, and some gin for good measure.