Whiskey Sour Day 2018

by CRAFTR team

Full barrel basement beer 1267358

There are seemingly a never ending list of national days, from national bow tie day (28th August) to world beard day (1st September). The 25th August marked Whiskey Sour Day, celebrating this century old classic cocktail first mentioned in a Wisconsin newspaper in 1870. It’s a classic cocktail combining bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup and egg white. The lemon in this cocktail rounds off the cocktail and gives it a sharpness. It’s simple and sophisticated. 

Full whiskey sour women whisky orange rose

As with most cocktails, the origin story is widely disputed and spurious. One Chilean newspaper claimed that Elliott Stubb, a British steward on a ship named the Sunshine, concocted this cocktail in bar in Peru in the 1870s. Others claim he invented the Pisco Sour but we’ll never know. Above is one of our favourites from @womenandwhiskies which has a great twist with orange and rose flavours into the whiskey sour, adding additional sweetness and floral notes to the sharpness of a classic whiskey sour. 

Full whiskey sour popcorn

The classic whiskey sour is a blend of 2 shots bourbon, 1 shot lemon juice, 1 shot simple syrup and egg white. Above is a great looking cocktail from @theadaremanor where the talented bartenders at The Tack Room have shaken up a special whiskey sour with a popcorn foam on top. If you’re ever in Ireland, check them out and go for a drink! To finish off our celebration of the whiskey sour, we’ve chosen one of our favourites from Manchester based bar @rocandrye who have mixed up a classic New York Sour, which is the classic whiskey sour with a full-bodied red floated on the top, adding in additional depth and flavour to this classic cocktail.   

Full new york whiskey sour