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Instagram's best mixologists: Cocktail Pete

by Peter Povlsen

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The format for Desert Island Drinks is loosely based on a famous UK radio programme called Desert Island Discs – a music programme, where celebrities are interviewed about their music taste. On this show, the celebrity is asked ‘If you were stranded on a desert island, and had only 7 pieces of music to listen to, what would they be?’.

So, we do the same, but with cocktails!

This week, CocktailPete is stranded on a desert island, and must pick his favourite cocktail to make and drink in 5 different scenarios.

So, without further ado, Pete, what would be your classic cocktail of choice?

Desert island? Blue sea and blue skies? That’s the perfect backdrop for this beautiful blue cocktail. A riff on the original Aviation, ‘Aviation in the Sky’ gives you wind in your hair and takes this traditional cocktail to new heights.

Full cocktail 1   the aviation

Which fizzy cocktail would you pick?

Being stranded on a desert island, you'll need a fizzy thirst quencher, and what better way to cure your thirst and homesickness than with rhubarb? Rhubarb is an iconic fruit in Denmark, and combined with Danish gin and fizzy rhubarb soda you'll get a perfect fizzy cocktail.

Full cocktail 2   fizzy rhubarb cocktail

Which cocktail do you make to get the party started?

Tiki! You can't start a desert island party, without some tiki taka. Bring your hula game, and get ready to dance the night away with this lovely tiki cocktail.

Full cocktail 3   tiki cocktail

What drink should everyone have tried?

Raspberry daiquiri, one of the most classic cocktails, made in so many different variations, shapes and sizes.

When mastered, it’s a heavenly cocktail, and this one is no exception. Full of silky smooth raspberry layers, there are vitamins aplenty to keep you healthy.

Full cocktail 4   raspberyy daiquiri

Finally, what would your showstopper be?

No question, it’s the Mango dream. Here is a riff of the Danish classic "Gin Hass", combining the best of artisan gin, tropical mango and a little bit of monkey business.

For me a perfect showstopper on a desert island, a tasty and great looking tropical concoction.

Full cocktail 5   mango dream