Instagram's best mixologsts: The Moody Mixologist

by Moody Mixologist

Full desert island drinks image

In the first installment of #desertislanddrinks, The Moody Mixologist is the first to be sent away to a desert island - think idyllic, sandy atoll somewhere in the Caribbean. There's a twist though - she's stuck, can't contact the outside world and there's no way of escape.

On the island, she'll find nothing but palm trees, sand and a 'magical' drinks cabinet which will provided enough ingredients to make 5 cocktails(and only 5 cocktails) in infinite supply. We've asked her to choose her favourite cocktails to take with her to the island...

Full blackcurrant lemonade

The go-to cocktail

Turns out it's usually an on the spot creation - she's always up for trying something new (look at the garnishes on her Instagram). That being said, her go-to drink, that's a current favourite for warmer weather, is the Blackcurrant Lemonade (pictured above), which is a wonderful mix of classic lemonade, whisky and creme de cassis.

The party-starter

It's time to get the party (for one) going and she's going to mix up a drink to liven up the mood. Pictured below is her Negroni Iced Tea, which is the perfect refreshing easy-going cocktail to kick off happy hour which would see her through the sunset

Full negroni iced tea

The stress-reliever

She opted for one of her favourite relaxing cocktail, the aptly named Zen Smash, a blend of blueberry infused whisky, lemon juice and linden flower syrup (which is known to be mood balancing and promote relaxation)

Full zen smash

The showstopper

She chooses her Amaterasu, or Sun Goddess cocktail, which is a simple but effective blend of nigori sake, citrus and pomegranate.

Full amaterasu   sun goddess

The one everyone should try

Sand and Sun, which is a really fun tiki drink made with guava juice and turmeric liqueur

Full sand sun