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by Dan Magro

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This week in the second instalment of #desertislanddrinks LA-based mixologist Dan Magro is sent away to the desert island and asked to take five drinks with him. As before he'll find nothing but palm trees, sand and a 'magical' drinks cabinet which will provided enough ingredients to make 5 cocktails (and only 5 cocktails). We asked him what he thought:

"My worst fear has come true–– I’m stranded on a desert island! Well actually, now I won’t have to go to work, AND can sleep as long as I want, so maybe the glass is half full after all? Speaking of glasses, here’s what would be in mine for Craftr’s 5 Drinks on a Desert Island Series."

What would be your go-to drink?

This is easy, a Tequila Thyme and Turmeric Lemonade. Turmeric has some healing properties, and if I’m going to be potentially facing the elements, I’ll need something to keep me warm (thanks tequila!), strong, and feeling blissful at all times! It’s delicate, balanced, and one of my favorite ways to end most of my weeknights.

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Which cocktail do you make to get the party started?

If we’re going to turn up this party, I’m gonna start by turning UP the heat–– literally. I call this cocktail The Other Cherrybomb because it’s main ingredients are fresh muddled cherries, brandy, and cayenne pepper. It’s spicy, sure, but would you want to be at a mild party? In fact, this drink is such a showstopper, even if it’s simply you and the drink alone on an island, it’ll still be LIT!

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Which cocktail would chill you out and relax you?

This is one of the first cocktails I ever created. My Lavender Mimosa is effervescent and it goes without saying that lavender naturally relaxes. The tropical climate of LA has taught me the only thing missing from this drink is a warm blowing breeze, so it’s PERFECT for this scenario.

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Although there's no one to impress on the island, which cocktail would to take as your 'dress-to-impress' cocktail? 

What’s a drink on an island without including rum? This breakfast-focused take on the old fashioned features a beautiful 12-year aged rum and maple syrup as the main ingredients. I’m not sure where I’d get a waffle to garnish it with, but even without, this cocktail brings a new spin on a revered classic.

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And finally, which cocktail do you think everyone else should have on their island, or at least should have tried? 

I’ve been really into savory cocktails as of late, so I’m encouraging everyone I know to try my Orange Thumb. With beautiful aromatic gin botanicals, and fresh earthy vibes from bell peppers and dill, this drink provides a well-rounded flavor profile. I was never a fan of eating my veggies until I learned I could make them 80-proof, and now I can’t stop!

What do you think about Dan's choices for the island? Send us a message on here or via Instagram

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