The 3 best 'Bees Knees' cocktail recipes

by CRAFTR team

Full bees knees splash honey meadow

With Summer fast approaching, we wanted to celebrate a Prohibition-era cocktail that to us, sums up the taste of Summer. The Bees Knees cocktail is made up of gin, fresh lemon juice and honey. Although it was invented, like so many Prohibition cocktails, as a way to hide the taste and smell of moonshine and bathtub gin, you can make The Bees Knees to suit your tastes, matching different gins (from the sweeter Old Tom to a more juniper-led gin) with different honeys (from Manukas to heather honeys to your favourite local variety). It’s name comes from Prohibition-era slang meaning ‘the best’ so you’ll be sure to enjoy. 

Full bees knees cocktail 1

It’s a fresh, light cocktail that’s perfect for this time of year. First up is one of our favourites by the @carefree_mermaid which uses Honey 2.0, a honey sugar substitute, and adds in some rosemary and vanilla for additional earthiness and a dash of sweetness.

Full bees knees cocktail craftr 2

Second up is by @mr.bostonofficial who uses different types of honey from different places, highlighting the versatility of such a simple drink. And with this warmer weather, the local honey is of even higher quality! Try to buy responsibly and select a honey that supports saving the honey bee. 

Full bees knees craftr cocktail

Our final ‘The Bees Knees’ cocktail by @thefarmsgolfclub , this golf club has perfectly blended together a local gin with local organic honey and the freshest lemons. This is the perfect refresher after a long day outside in the Summer heat. Share with us your Bees Knees cocktails!!