The 5 best Julep cocktail recipes

by CRAFTR team

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With the Kentucky Derby coming up this weekend, let's celebrate one of the most famous classic American cocktails, the Julep or Mint Julep. Traditionally made of fresh mint, bourbon, simple syrup and served with crushed ice in a pewter cup, it's best to hold this cocktail by the bottom and top edges of the cup to allow a frost to form on the outside of the cup, reducing the heat transferred from the hand to the cup.

When it was conceived in the 18th century, it was originally prescribed as a cure to stomach sickness and term ‘julep’ is has come to mean any sweet drink that could be used to carry medicine. The name comes from the Spanish ‘julepe’ meaning rosewater, due to its reviving powers & strong scent. 

Check out this one beautiful looking julep below shot by @shudgi21, a classic mint julep with additional garnishes of a dried orange and some rosebuds.

Full mint julep

Second up is a classic mint julep by @reecesims that adds a rhubarb twist and some rhubarb liqueur to sweeten things up - perfect for drinking in the garden in the summer.

Full rhubarb julep

In celebration of its history as a drink to help the medicine go down, this is 'Prescription Julep' by @thetipsymuse - made of brandy, rye, fig liqueur, dry curacao and orange root bitters.

Full prescription julep

Below is a Spiced Honey Julep by @julepcolumbus which adds some classic spices and honey to mix it up

Full spiced honey julep

Lastly we swap out the bourbon that's traditionally found in the mint julep. Here we have an 'Old Tom Julep' found on @justcocktails, which is made using some classic Old Tom Gin (slightly sweeter than a London Dry)

Full julep old tom julep

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