The 5 best Gimlet cocktail recipes

by CRAFTR team

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Gimlet (pronounced with a hard 'g') is a simple cocktail, likely invented in the 1920s and traditionally only contains gin and lime juice in equal parts. Named either after a Gimlet, a tool for piercing small holes & linked to the strong effect on the drinker) or after a Surgeon Admiral Gimlette who is said to have given sailors lime juice with their daily gin to combat scurvy. Traditionalists would say to be a classic gimlet, you must use 50:50 gin and lime juice. However, we think you can switch up the ratios according to preference & also use fresh lime juice or lime cordial depending on how sweet or sour you like your drinks, so we've rounded up some of our favourite Gimlets from Instagram, or #instagimlets to showcase what you can do

Full gimlet trink kultur

First up, a citrus-y gimlet that breaks all the rules from @trinkkultur as it's swapped out the gin for apricot-infused vodka, and contains no lime (swapped it instead for grapefruit & orangewater)

Second up, a more classic gimlet from @thepoollounge with plenty of cucumber to ensure a light & refreshing taste

Full gimlet the pool lounge

@yvonne.mendez has created a delicious Gooseberry gimlet, which we think works perfectly as gooseberry's are quite tart and sour, which will complement the limes in the gimlet. Again Yvonne opted to switch out the gin for vodka

Full yvonne gimlet

This is the ultimate quench thirster from @theglassclass . Traditionalists would say a gimlet should be 50-50 gin and lime juice but we prefer this one which is slightly more alcoholic (2 gin: 1 lime) but offset with beautiful fresh cucumber and aromatic oregano leaves 

Full glassclass gimlet

Last but not least, below is a wonderful looking & tasting drink from @garnish_girl . This is a pea & peace inspired cocktail and is a non-alcoholic gimlet alternative flavoured with pea & mint. It was created in participation of #peacepours - an initiative run by @theamateurmixologist to celebrate #worldpeaceday

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Full garnish girl gimlet

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