Autumn Cocktails

by CRAFTR team

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As the last of the Summer passes us by and the beginnings of Autumn creep in, we're looking to celebrate some great cocktails to bring an autumnal mood. First up to celebrate the return of fresh cranberries to our shelves, we have a great drink by @worsleygin. It's a spicy seasonal cocktail, which they thought about when dragging out the sweaters and jeans and packing away their shorts. It's Worsley Gin, Apple liqueur, cranberry infusion, light tonic, fresh cranberries, fresh orange slides and a cinnamon stick. Although it's not actual warm, it's sure to keep you warm through the darkening nights.

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In defiance of the colder weather, @randydouglas412 mixes up our second drink, which celebrates the outdoors and enjoying cocktails outside in the cool evenings. It's a Peachy Old Fashioned which has bourbon, muddled grilled peach, muddled orange, aromatic bitters, and simple syrup. He's a big fan of overgarnishing so he threw in an additional grilled peach slice, orange twist and a rosemary sprig.

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Third up is a beautiful cocktail with a great setting by @thehungrybotanist. It's a Wild Cherry Manhattan. She thinks it's a great way to say hello to Autumn - they've infused some rye whiskey with wild cherries (over a couple of weeks) and then mixed with vermouth, grand marnier, and a dash of bitters. It's a wonderful warm and fruity cocktail, that celebrates some of the fruits and flavours of Autumn.

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Last up we have an extravagant looking cocktail by the team at @thegainsboroughbathspa which is comforting and has flavours of thyme, apple and the herbal flavours of bénédictine. It's called "Thyme at the Bar!" and is vodka based. Check out more on their website for some of the great drinks they're mixing up or pay them a visit in Bath!

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