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5 of the best martini recipes

by CRAFTR team

Full cocktail 1

In our latest series, '5 of the best', we take a classic cocktail recipe and look for brilliant variations on the theme, from simple to complex. This week, it's the ever delightful martini.

First up is the most classic of the collection, the Five Farthings martini. Taking beautiful UK gin from Surrey Copper Distillery, and combining it with the same distillery's English Vermouth, they pair it simply with a few olives for decoration.

Some of the most beautiful bottles of craft spirit combining to make a simple and delicious cocktail.

Full five farthings martini

Espresso martinis have become synonymous with the martini concoction. Throw in an espresso shot, a measure of kahlua and you’re off to the races. Here’s one from ShakeAndStir – an Instagram account well worth following. 

Full espresso martini

Next up, one of our previous Desert Island Drinks castaways brings his take on a martini to the table. Dan Magro’s ‘Cinema Martini’ takes caramel popcorn-infused gin, combines it with dry vermouth and a creative popcorn garnish. Buttery sweet, with vanilla flavours coming through – not your average martini cocktail recipe.

Full martini 2 by dan magro

Getting towards the more extreme end is melis_boozy_cure, with her Cherry Pepper-tini. Add cherry pepper jelly and pomegranate juice to the more typical ingredients of Vodka and Vermouth, and you’re there!

Full cherry pepper martini by melissa

Really pushing the definition of a martini is Mix.Mann, combining Broken Clock vodka with blue curacao, of course, and raspberry eau de vie, to create this brilliant looking semi-martini!

Full lollipop martini by mixman

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