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A curated collection of craft gin and other craft spirits

Craftr works with only the finest, small distilleries. You won't find anything from the big alcohol players here, just the small guys who have grafted and crafted their way to some brilliant beverages.

Cocktail recipes to inspire

Along with our partner distilleries, we've built up a collection of cocktail recipes, both classic cocktails and those that bring out the flavours of the craft spirits.

We have also opened up our recipe catalogue to the amazingly creative community on Instagram, where mixologists come up with new cocktail creations every day.

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Supporting distilleries

When you order on Craftr, your items are shipped to you directly from the distilleries. This means that Craftr aims to give more money per bottle directly to the maker than any other spirits retailer.

This is also why Craftr offers free shipping on all bottles!

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The Craftr Team

At Craftr, we're passionate about spirits - locally made, freshly sourced, home-grown spirits. Together we've explored every corner of the UK to bring together an ever-growing collection of local craft spirits, so you can explore the flavours and find a new favourite.

Mike co-founded Craftr in late 2018, and our in-house entrepreneur. He built the original website himself, following the huge success of our Craftr Instagram page. Mike's an ideas man, and a cocktail fiend. Anything with rum, anything on ice, and he'll drink it.

Will leads Sales and Marketing, engaging with new local distilleries across the country to find the next hidden gem. He also runs our social media and popular Instagram page, to share our products and partners across our loyal customers. Will's got a taste for anything sweet, so you'll usually find him in the Flavoured Gin aisle.

Charlie is Craftr's Head of Tech. Charlie manages the website, and ensures our back of house processes are purring. He's a sucker for an Espresso Martini, and loves to try something new with a kick, but he'll buy any spirit in a nice bottle really!